For Kanazawa Hotel Accommodation / Reservations



How many months in advance can I make a reservation?
You can make a reservation for the next six months - the current month and the subsequent five months. This period is different at some hotels depending on the season.
Note that the hotel may not have rooms available on certain days due to some circumstances. For details, please check room availability on this website.
Can I make a reservation on the day of check-in?
Yes, you can if rooms are available.
Even if no room availability is shown for same-day checkin on the website, contact the hotel directly as vacancies may still be available.
Can someone other than the actual guest make the reservation?
Yes, someone else can make the reservation.
When making the reservation on the website, uncheck the checkbox next to [Same as Applicant] then enter the name of the actual guest in the [Surname] and [First Name] fields.
If there are guest changes, please change the guest name(s) on the Confirm/Modify/Cancel Reservations page.
Can I make a single reservation for two or more guests?
Yes, use the "Search Criteria" function on the room reservation page, then indicate the number of guests (per room) and number of rooms you need.
For example, if four guests wish to reserve two twin rooms, search for vacancies by entering [2] for the number of guests, and [2] for the number of rooms.
The types of guest rooms (twin, double, etc.) available for two guests will be displayed.
Only one type of room can be booked in this type of multiple guest/multiple room single reservation.
Please make a separate reservation for each type of room (single, twin, non-smoking, smoking, etc.) you wish to book.
I have booked multiple nights separately. Can I stay in the same room?
Please contact us by phone with the name of the guest and date of stay, but note that we may ask you to move to another room during your stay depending on your plan and the hotel's reservation status.
Do you have a waiting list if rooms are full?
No, we do not have a waiting list, we apologize for the inconvenience.
Please search for room availability on another day or inquire with the hotel directly.
How do I know if my reservation has been confirmed?
After you have made the reservation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.
You can also check your reservation either on My Page or on the Confirm/Modify/Cancel Reservations page.
I did not receive an e-mail confirming my reservation.
If you have checked your "spam" folder and still cannot find a message from us, please contact us by phone. We will confirm your e-mail address and then follow up with you by phone or e-mail. (In cases where the hotel determines that the e-mail has not been been delivered, we may contact you by phone even if you have specified e-mail as your contact method.)
Can I change the name(s) of the guest(s), the time of arrival, and other details I registered upon reservation?
Yes, you can modify your reservation details either on My Page or on the Confirm, Amend and Cancel Reservations page.
Can a minor stay in your hotel unaccompanied?
No, children of junior high school age and below are not permitted to stay if unaccompanied by a parent or guardian.
Minors of high school age or above may stay at the hotel unaccompanied only if consent from a parent or guardian has been obtained.
Please submit a consent form for minors to stay at the hotel. A consent form is required for each minor. Click here for the consent form.
Will you issue a receipt?
Yes, we will issue a receipt once payment is settled at the hotel.
If you want a specific name written on the receipt, please mention this when you check in.
Please contact the hotel directly if you need another copy of the receipt.


Is your rate for twin rooms per person?
No, the rates listed on our website are per room. They include consumption tax, and there are no additional service charges.
How many days before the day of check-in do cancellation charges apply?
Based on our Terms and Conditions, we ask for a cancellation charge.
Cancellations one day prior to check in: 20% of accommodation rate
Cancellations on day of check in: 80% of accommodation rate
No-shows: 100% of accommodation rate
No charge for cancellations made up to two days prior to date of check in.
Please feel free to ask our front desk staff about our cancellation policy and Terms and Conditions.
Do you charge extra for late check-outs?
Yes, staying beyond the check-out time will incur an additional charge of JPY 1,000 (inclusive of tax) per hour per room, regardless of the number of guests.
A full night's room charge will be incurred for check outs past 14:00.
Early check-ins and late check-outs may not be possible depending on the room availability for the day. Please feel free to inquire with our front desk staff.
How should I settle payment?
Our hotel requires payment in advance. Please make your payment at check-in or before check-in.
Please contact the hotel for further details on advance payment.
Is it possible to pay in advance?
You may pay by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX, or Diners) when you make a reservation through our website. If you wish to pay in advance by bank transfer, please contact us by phone.

Check-in / Check-out

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards. (VISA / JCB / AMEX / Diners Club / MasterCard, UC / DC / NICOS / UFJ / Saison / UnionPay)
Can I pay in a currency other than Japanese yen?
All payments must be made in Japanese yen, we apologize for the inconvenience.
Please note that we are unable to provide currency exchange services.
You may use any credit card for payment.
When paying at the front desk during check-in (when not paying in advance), can I use electronic payment (iD/WAON/QUICPay) or QR code payment methods?
In addition to credit cards and cash (Japanese Yen), we accept electronic payment (iD/WAON/QUICPay) and QR code payment (LINE Pay/PayPay/d-Barai/Yucho Pay/au Pay/Rakuten Pay/Bank Pay/Merpay/WeChat Pay/UnionPay/Alipay).
What are the check-in and check-out times?
Check-in is at 14:00, and check-out is at 11:00.
The front desk is manned 24-hours a day; late-night arrivals and early-morning departures are not a problem.

Breakfast and Other Meals

Does your hotel serve breakfast?
Yes, breakfast is available at a restaurant in our hotel, please try it.
We offer guests accommodation plans that include breakfast.
Can I have breakfast in your hotel without booking a room?
Yes, non-hotel guests can dine in the restaurant.
Do you have breakfast or other meals for take out?
We ask that you eat your breakfast inside the restaurant.
We have breakfast menus for take out as well.

Accompanying Children

What reservation should I make if I bring children with me?
There is no extra charge for children below elementary-school age if they share a bed with a parent or guardian.
Only one child may share a bed with a parent or guardian per bed.
When making a reservation, please indicate only the number of adult guests. You do not need to include the number of children. Please reserve children of elementary school age and above as adults when making reservations.
Children below elementary-school age who will not share a bed with a parent or guardian are also required to reserve as adults.
Do you have children's rates?
There is no extra charge for children below elementary-school age if they will share a bed with a parent or guardian.
Please reserve children of elementary school age and above as adults when making reservations. Children below elementary-school age who will not share a bed with a parent or guardian are also required to reserve as adults.
Do you have baby beds?
Sorry, we do not.
Are high chairs available in the breakfast restaurant?
Sorry, they are not.


Can you arrange a taxi for me?
Yes, please make your request at the front desk. However, please note that a pick-up fee (reservation fee) will be added. Furthermore, at peak times there may be cases where taxi companies cannot arrange pick-up service.
Do you have a laundry service?
Yes, please bring your laundry to the front desk.
If you bring it by the prescribed time in the morning, you can get it back the same evening.
Please contact the hotel for details on reception times.
On Sundays and holidays, clothes will return the evening of the next business day.
You can find the list of rates, laundry service slips, and laundry bags in the guest rooms.
Please prepare your laundry accordingly and bring it to the front desk.
Rates vary depending on the type of clothing, and you will be charged accordingly upon pickup.
Coin-operated laundry machines (with charge) are also available at the hotels.
Do you have over-the-counter medicines available?
No, we do not stock medicine in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
Adhesive bandages, thermometers, ice packs, and other similar supplies are available at the front desk. Please feel free to request such supplies if you need them.
Do you have room service?
Sorry, we do not.
Can you make reservations for restaurants and other facilities for me?
Our hotels do not make reservations on behalf of hotel guests.
Can you make arrangements for massage service?
Yes, we can. Please contact the hotel for further details by telephone or through the inquiry page.
Do you have in-room safes?
Yes, we have in-room safes available in our guest rooms.
Do you have a photocopying service?
Yes we do, available at the front desk for a fee.
Please make your request at the front desk.
Do you have a fax service?
Yes we do, available at the front desk for a fee.
Please make your request at the front desk.
Do you handle home delivery services?
We can ship by Yu-Pack with "payment on delivery" or "prepayment" for room temperature items only. Yu-Pack slips, cardboard boxes (for a fee), and luggage covers (for a fee) are available at the front desk.

Other courier companies such as Yamato Transport and Sagawa Express accept only "payment on delivery" and "return portion of round-trip shipment" for pickup. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please prepare the slips for Yamato Transport and Sagawa Express on your own. The handling and compensation of packages will be in accordance with the regulations of each delivery service.
Can I send baggage to the hotel in advance?
Yes, you can. Please make sure to write the full name of the guest and the scheduled check-in date on the slip. Your baggage will be handed over to you at check-in. Please note that it is not possible for us to put any items in your room in advance.
*There are some types of items not covered by this policy. For details, please refer to "Information about Guest Baggage".
Can I leave my luggage at the hotel before check-in?
If it is on the day of your check-in, we can keep your luggage for you.
*There are some types of items not covered by this policy. For details, please refer to "Information about Guest Baggage".
Can I leave my luggage at the hotel after check-out?
If it is on the day of your check-out, we can keep your luggage for you.
*There are some types of items not covered by this policy. For details, please refer to "Information about Guest Baggage".
Can I use food delivery services during my stay?
Yes, but please come to the front desk on the lobby floor to pick up your items. Please note that the hotel cannot deliver any items to your guestroom, make any payments on your behalf, or store items.
*Please refer to "Information about Guest Baggage".
Can I have items that I purchased by internet or mail delivered to the hotel?
When filling out the address for the hotel, please include your full name and room number (or date of check-in). We can hand your items to you at the front desk after they arrive. (There are some types of items not covered by this policy.)
*Please refer to "Information about Guest Baggage".
Information about Guest Baggage
(1) Expensive, valuable, perishable, refrigerated, frozen, dangerous, stolen, illegal, unsanitary, massive (in size or quantity), overweight, or other items deemed inappropriate by the hotel will not be accepted at the hotel front desk, either for safekeeping or delivery.
(2) Even for items other than those listed in (1) above, there are cases where the hotel may not accept a package if the concerned hotel guest cannot be identified.
(3) The hotel does not accept cash on delivery (COD) or payment on behalf of the customer. We also cannot accept payment on delivery for packages.
(4) In the event that any package or baggage is not picked up after a certain period of time, the hotel will dispose of the package or baggage at its own discretion.
(5) In the case of (1) to (4) above, the hotel cannot compensate hotel guests for any baggage, goods, shipping charges, or payments.

Guest Room Furninsings and Items Available Upon Request

Do you provide Internet access?
Yes, WiFi and wired LAN connections are available in the hotel.
LAN cables located by the side of the TV or other devices are available for use.
Do you have DVD players available? Can I watch DVDs on the guest room TV?
Sorry, we do not have DVD players available, we apologize for the inconvenience.
Please note that connecting external devices to the TV is not allowed. Please do not bring video player devices to the guest room.
Do you have hair dryers available?
Yes, they are available in all guest rooms.
Do your rooms have a refrigerator (minibar)?
Minibars are not available. However, empty refrigerators are available in our guest rooms.
What fixtures and amenities are provided in guest rooms?
<Room Fixtures>
Negative-ion hairdryer, Bath towel, Face towel, Bath mat, Warm-water bidet-style toilet, Nightwear, Alarm clock, LCD television, Broadband Internet (Wi-Fi / Wired LAN), Safety box, Refrigerator, Electric kettle, Coffee mug, Hangers and hangers with clips, Clothes brush, Shoehorn, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body soap, Hand soap, fabric deodorizer, Sencha green tea, Coffee, Black tea, Shoeshine paper, Slippers.
What personal amenities are available?
<Amenities Corner>
Toothbrush, Shaver, Shave gel, Hairbrush, Cotton pads, Cotton swabs, Body sponge.
What features do the guest room toilets have?
All guest rooms feature a warm-water bidet-function toilet.
They are equipped with heated seats.
Do you have a trouser press available?
Yes, four are available on each guest room floor.
Please feel free to use them.
Please return them after use to the designated location in consideration of other guests.
Do you lend out computers?
Yes, laptops are available for a rental fee at the front desk.
Please note that these cannot be reserved; they are available on a first-come-first-served basis.
What items are available upon request? Can I reserve them in advance?
We have Notebook PC rental service (charges apply), Iron / Ironing board, Reading lamp, Air purifier with humidifier function, Trouser press, Shoe dryer, Handheld iron and other similar appliances available upon request.

Hotel Facilities and Equipment

Do you have restaurants in the hotel?
Yes, restaurants are available at the hotel.
The breakfast menus available to our guests are served in the restaurants.
Do you have ice machines?
Yes, ice machines are available on some floors.
Do you have vending machines?
Yes, soft drink vending machines are available on some floors.
However, vending machines for cigarettes and alcoholic beverages are not available.
Do you have non-smoking rooms?
Yes, we have non-smoking rooms.
Please reserve a guest room listed as <Non-Smoking> after the room type. However, please note that not all room types have non-smoking rooms.
Can I smoke inside the guest room or within the hotel premises?
Yes, smoking is permitted in guest rooms listed as <Smoking> after the room type.
A smoking booth is available on the lobby floor.
<IQOS and E-Cigarettes>
Smoking e-cigarettes, including IQOS, is not permitted in non-smoking guest rooms.
E-cigarette users are requested to use the smoking rooms.
Are your guest room TVs equipped with HDMI ports? (Can I connect an external device to the guest room TV?)
To protect the internal settings of the TV, we do not allow connection of external devices.
Please do not connect your devices to the guest room TV.
Do you have a parking area for cars?
We do not have a parking area for use exclusively by guests.
Do you have a parking area for motorcycles and bicycles?
We do not have a parking area for use exclusively by guests.
Can I bring my bicycle into the guest room?
Please do not bring your bicycle into the guestroom. Furthermore, we cannot keep bicycles at the front desk, lobby, or on hotel grounds. If a bicyle is parked on the hotel grounds or in the neighborhood without permission, it will be removed and the guest will be charged for the cost of removal.
Can I bring my bicycle into my guestroom inside a bicycle carrying case?
Yes, you may bring your bicycle into your guestroom if it is inside a specialized bag (bicycle carrying case).
Do you have microwave ovens?
A microwave oven is available for shared use.
Do you have conference rooms?
No, we do not.
Do you have a guest-use bath area?
No, we do not.
Do you have coin-operated laundry machines?
Yes, coin-operated laundry machines (washing machine / drier) are available on some floors.
Detergent is automatically dispensed.
Do you have accessible rooms?
Yes, we have universal rooms (for wheelchair use) available. Please contact the hotel or see the hotel's guest room page for more details.


Can I take the room key with me when I go out of the hotel?
After checking in, please take your security key for late-night and elevator access with you when going out leaving the hotel. Guest rooms in use for two or more nights will be cleaned after confirming whether or not the guest is in the room.
Can I invite non-hotel guests to the guest room?
No, please do not allow non-hotel guests into your room for security and fire-prevention purposes.
Please meet up with non-hotel guests in the lobby or hotel restaurants.
Are pets allowed?
No, pets are not allowed in the hotel.
Are service dogs (guide dogs, hearing dogs, helper dogs, etc.) allowed?
Yes, they are allowed in the hotel. Please notify the hotel if you have any room-assignment or other requests.
Guests are responsible for feeding and clearing up after service dogs.
Does each hotel have its own email address?
Please submit all inquiries through the inquiry form.
Please be sure to specify which hotel you wish to contact when filling out the inquiry form.
Please note that it may take time to receive a response, depending on the nature of the inquiry.
Please contact the hotel by telephone for urgent matters.
Do you have a corporate rate plan?
Yes, we can offer special rates agreements for corporations.
For details, please contact us through the inquiry form and specify "UNIZO hotel" as the recipient.
A representative from the UNIZO Hotel head office will get in touch with you.
Do you have a curfew?
No, we do not.
However, the entrance will be locked at night for security reasons.
Guests can enter the hotel with their key.
Please notify us if you will arrive later than the arrival time you specified in advance.
Our staff are available 24 hours a day.
Arrival Date
Number of
Room for