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Member login UNIZO Hotel Membership Program

Q & A


How do I join the program? Can I become a Member through the website?
You may register at the front desk of any hotel of the UNIZO Group. Although we do not accept applications through our website, you may download an application form and fill it in before bringing it to the front desk of any of our hotels.
Are there any enrollment fees or annual fees?
No, it is free to join the program, and there is no annual fee.
What is the difference between General Membership and Ladies' Membership?
Only Ladies' Members receive an additional discount when staying in a Ladies' room. For more details, please refer to this page.
If I forget to bring my Membership Card, can I still earn points?
In case you forget to bring your Membership Card, if you present your driver's license, health insurance card, or other document that confirms your identity to the front desk, then we will be able to add points for your stay. Please be informed, however, that we will be unable to add points if you inquire after you have already checked out.
What should I do if I lose my Membership Card?
It is possible to reissue your Membership Card. Please be informed, however, that you will be charged an additional 300-yen processing fee (including consumption tax). Only in cases where we were able to confirm your identity will the points be carried over to the reissued card.
What should I do if I forget my login password for the Members' page?
Please reset your password through "Forgot password" on the Members' Page.
What should I do if I need to change the personal information I have registered?
Please make changes through "Confirm/change information" on the Members' Page.


How should I make a reservation to earn points? Do I need to do anything on the day of my stay?
Please make reservations through our official website, and then bring your Membership Card on the day of your stay.
How is Membership status upgraded, and how many points are awarded to each Membership status?
Please refer to this page.
How do I confirm my point balance and Membership status?
You can confirm your point balance, Membership status, and other information by logging into the Members' Page on our official website.
What are the preferential rates available exclusively to Members?
We will offer the lowest rate available at the time of reservation among our website general price and online travel agencies that offer a room under the same conditions.
What is quick check-in?
It is a service that allows you to check in simply by signing a form.
Are points earned if the person who actually stays at the hotel is not the one who made the reservation?
In cases where the customer staying at the hotel has a Membership Card under his or her own name, we will award points to the customer staying at the hotel.
If two Members stay in a twin or double room, can you divide the points and add them to both accounts?
No, we cannot divide the points and add them to multiple accounts. We will add all of the points to a single Member's account.
If two Members stay in a twin or double room, can you combine the points from both accounts and apply them towards room charges?
No, we cannot combine the points from two accounts to apply them towards room charges.
Which services will allow me to earn points?
Points will be awarded according to room charges (taxes not included). Even if the stay plan includes breakfast and other services, points will only be earned for room charges.
When will the points be added?
Points will be added within two days after the day of checkout.
What can the points be used towards?
Please refer to this page.
Can I transfer points to a family member's account?
Points may only be used by a person registered as a Member who has presented his or her Membership Card. Please refer to this page for details.


Can the information I registered in web membership (which ended in late January 2019) be transferred to UNIZO Hotel Membership?
We cannot transfer information registered in web membership. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it will be necessary to follow the procedures to register again under UNIZO Hotel Membership. You may register at the front desk of any of our hotels.
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