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Privacy Policy

UNIZO Hotel Company, Limited (herein the "Company") believes that properly protecting personal information is an important social responsibility. Based on this the Company has adopted the Privacy Policy set forth below (the "Policy") and promotes universal awareness of it among all personnel.

Legal Compliance

In conducting its business operations, the Company endeavors to properly protect personal information in compliance with this Policy and internal regulations in addition to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other applicable laws (collectively referred to below as "Applicable Laws").

Fair Collection of Personal Information

The Company collects personal information by fair and legal means to the extent required to conduct its business operations.

Uses of Personal Information

he Company utilize personal information for the purposes set forth below (if the Company or other UNIZO Group companies express use of personal information upon collection for purposes other than those listed below, the information will be used for such purposes in addition to the purposes set forth below). It does not utilize personal information beyond the extent required to accomplish said purposes unless it has obtained prior consent, or is legally permitted, to do so.

  1. Management and operation of Hotel UNIZO, UNIZO Inn and UNIZO Inn Express locations;
  2. Sales activities related to the businesses enumerated above, including communications by mail, e-mail, telephone, or other means, solicitations, information sharing, and visitations.
  3. Credit-granting decisions, or contract execution, performance, maintenance management, preservation, or exercise of legal or contractual rights or performance of legal or contractual obligations, related to the businesses enumerated above.
  4. Analysis of customer trends or research or analysis of product development, development of sales techniques, etc.
  5. Employee recruitment and hiring and notifications related thereto.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

  1. The Company does not provide personal information to third parties unless it is legally permitted, or has obtained prior consent, to do so. However, to the extent required to accomplish the purposes enumerated above, it may provide personal information to third parties without consent if it outsources handling of personal information, is involved in a merger or joint venture, or jointly utilizes personal information together with a designated party (see below).
  2. (Joint Use with UNIZO Holdings Company, Limited)
    The Company retains the right to share personal information with the joint user specified in (1), for the purpose of use as stated in (2), of the content as stated in (3) below. The responsibility for handling personal information in joint use lies with the company specified in (4) below.
    1. (1) Joint User: UNIZO Holdings Company, Limited
    2. (2) Purpose of Use: UNIZO Holdings Company, Limited uses personal information for checking whether a shareholder benefit certificate user is in the shareholder registry and for confirming the usage of shareholder benefit certificates, and also uses personal information for confirming guest usage of Hotel UNIZO, UNIZO Inn, and UNIZO Inn Express locations. The purposes of the Company for using personal information are stated in "Use of Personal Information".
    3. (3) Personal Information in Joint Use: Names and addresses of guests
    4. (4) Company responsible for the management of personal information in joint use: UNIZO Hotel Company, Limited

Personal information security measures

The Company endeavors to store and manage personal data in an accurate and up-to-date state, and endeavors to immediately dispose of information whose retention period has expired and information that is no longer required for use. It implements reasonable security measures to prevent personal-information leaks and appropriately supervise contractors and other agents that handle personal information.

Continuous Improvement

The Company endeavors to continuously improve its handling of personal information and shall revise this Privacy Policy as necessary.

Processing of disclosure and other requests

The Company endeavors to expeditiously and appropriately respond to requests for notification of uses of personal information, disclosure of the content of retained personal information, correction of errors and falsities, discontinuation of utilization of personal information, deletion of personal information, and discontinuation of provision of personal information to third-parties. Please direct all such requests to the following:

UNIZO Hotel Company, Limited TEL: (+81)3-5484-7161

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