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User Policy

Website User Policy

1. Use of the Website

The Website (all directories within https://www.unizo-hotel.co.jp/, the reservation program and email program; hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Website") of UNIZO Hotels (the "Hotel") is managed and operated by the Hotel or its agent. For use of the Website, the Hotel has set the following User Policy; please read it in advance. When using the Website, the user is deemed to have consented to the User Policy.

2. Changes in Published Information

The Hotel may change or delete information published on the Website, or change the specifics of services to be offered without notice. In addition, for maintenance or system outage, or due to other reasons, operation of all or part of the Website may be halted temporarily or longer term, without notice.

3. Copyrights

Copyrights and any other rights to written content, images, logos, merchandise names, etc. published on the Website in principle belong to the Hotel. Unless the written approval of the Hotel is obtained, secondary use of information on the Website is prohibited.

4. Immunity

The Hotel has taken great care over the information on the Website. However, the Hotel makes no warranty as to completeness or accuracy. In case of any discrepancy between the information provided by the website and the actual condition of each individual hotel, the latter will prevail. The Hotel assumes no responsibility for any damages that guests may incurr in using the Website. The Hotel assumes no responsibility for any damages caused by suspension of service for the Website due to maintenance, system disruption or other reasons.

5. Linking to the Website

In principle, users are free to set links to the Website. However, addresses of individual pages may be changed without notice; please link to the top page (https://www.unizo-hotel.co.jp/). Also, please do not link only to images.

6. Privacy Policy

Personal information provided by guests in reservations or inquiries on the Website is entered into a database. The Hotel uses this information only for offering services beneficial for guests, and does not use it for any other purpose. For the Hotel's Privacy Policy, please see this page. The User Policy may be changed without notice; please see the latest information.

Internet Reservation System User Policy

UNIZO Hotel (the "Hotel") sets the following User Policy for guests in using the Internet Reservation System (the "System") operated by the Hotel. Please read the User Policy when using the System and use the System upon agreeing to the User Policy.

1. Observance of Basic Matters

In use of the System, Guests are expected to observe general manners and morals, and technical rules for use of the Internet.

2. Measures Taken Against Violations of the Basic Matters

Guests who commit acts judged by the Hotel to be inappropriate, such as creating a nuisance or disadvantage to a third party, or acts that may cause a disruption in the services of the Hotel may be refused the use of the System and the Hotel.

3. Impacts of Guests' Computer Environment

The System is intended for persons for whom language, email, printer, etc, settings have been set properly. The Hotel assumes no responsibility for results of use by persons who do not satisfy these conditions or any impact therein. In addition, even if the System does not operate properly due to reasons beyond the management of the Hotel such as any circumstance regarding guests' user environment settings, even in cases where the above cobditions have been met, the Hotel assumes no responsibility for impacts therein.

4. Conditions for Use of the System

Only guests who agree to the User Agreement may use the System. When guests use the System and make reservations, they shall be deemed to have agreed to the User Agreement and shall observe the Agreement.

5. Cautions for Use of the System

Reservations made using the System do not have priority over those made by means other than by Website (reservation by phone, other reservation agents of the Hotel). Therefore, there is a possibility that reservations may not be made due to reasons such as there being no vacancies.

6. Self-Responsibility of Users

When guests use the System, guests assume responsibility for all acts they themselves commit or acts committed using their email accounts and for the results therein, irrespective of whether or not the guests themselves commit the acts and irrespective of the occurrence of negligence. In addition in the use of the System, except in cases of negligence on the Hotel's part, if a guest causes damage to a third party, the guest shall assume responsibility for the damage, including for settling any dispute with the third party. Furthermore, if a user causes damage to the Hotel and/or the System due to any of the following acts, the Hotel may claim indemnification for all damage incurred.

  • Violating the User Policy, other accommodation policies or user policies set by the UNIZO Group
  • Sending, downloading or coding harmful computer programs
  • Transmitting or posting information on third parties
  • Using Hotel facilities for purposes other than guest's own private use, without permission of the Hotel
  • Committing acts in violation of laws and regulations in effect in Japan

7. Confirmation of Reservations

A reservation made using the System is confirmed when the confirmation page for reservation details is displayed on the guest's screen.

8. Cancellation and Change of Reservation

Changes or cancellations of reservations made using the System or any other inquiries relating therein shall in principle be handled using the System. If changing or cancelling a reservation by phone, email or other means, please mention that the reservation was made using the System.

9. Cancellation Penalty

When a reservation is canceled due to reasons attributable to the user, the Hotel shall receive the penalty set in the accommodation policy of each individual hotel. For details, please call the reservation desk at each hotel.

10. Reservation Applications

Please enter all necessary data in the reservation application forms. Any missing data may cause the reservation to be invalidated.

11. System Changes

When the Hotel deems it necessary, the Hotel may change the operation or content of the System without prior notice to guests. Please check this User Policy without fail in each instance when using the System. After the User Policy is changed, only the new policy shall be in effect and the old policy shall be invalidated.

12. Suspension of Use

The Hotel may suspend the use of the System temporarily or for longer term without notice due to maintenance, system disruption or other reasons. The User Policy may be changed without notice; please see the latest information without fail.

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