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UNIZO Hotel Company, Limited (the “Company”) handles personal information provided by guests in the use of HOTEL UNIZO and UNIZO INN properties carefully, has established the following Personal Information Protection Policy, and strives to protect personal information.

1. Protection of Personal Information

Personal information (information by which specific individuals can be identified, including by name, date of birth or other items of relevant information) is handled correctly and properly by the Company within the scope necessary for business based on the purpose of use, in principle. The Company complies with all applicable laws and regulations concerning personal information of guests, and other guidelines and codes set by the government. In addition to implementing the abovementioned efforts, the Company reexamines and improves these efforts as needed.

  1. The Company collects personal information by proper methods.
  2. The Company does not use personal information for reasons other than the original stated purpose.
  3. The Company appoints a manager at the level of division or department that handles the personal information, and the manager will carry out each item of the Personal Information Protection Policy as his/her responsibility. The Company manages and keeps personal information strictly by employee training and other means.
  4. If a guest desires to inquire or modify his/her own personal information, upon confirmation of identity, the Company handles the matter within a reasonable scope.

2. Collection of Personal Information

The Company may request personal information of guests for smooth operation of services. The Company acquires the personal information by proper and lawful means within the scope necessary for business.

3. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The Company uses personal information given by guests only for the following purposes. The Company does not use the personal information of guests beyond the scope necessary for achievement of the following purposes unless the prior consent of guests is obtained or it is allowed under laws and regulations.

  1. For management and operation of HOTEL UNIZO and UNIZO INN properties.
  2. For basic data to operate reservation functions.
  3. For marketing data, or for data collection and analysis for improvement and enhancement of services and merchandise.
  4. For sending information on Company services, or services and merchandise of partner companies to guests by direct mail and email.
  5. For the Company being able to contact guests when necessary.
  6. For providing personal information (name and address) of guests who use shareholder special benefit coupons of UNIZO Holdings Company, Limited, to UNIZO Holdings, for the purpose of confirming use of shareholder special benefit coupons.

4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

  1. The Company does not provide personal data of guests to third parties except for in the following cases:
    1. (1)When the customer consents to the provision
    2. (2)When disclosure is required under laws and regulations
    3. (3)When necessary for the protection of life, body or property of the guest, the Company, or third parties
    4. (4)When it is especially necessary for the improvement of public health or promotion of healthy development of children
    5. (5))When disclosure is lawfully demanded by the police, the court or other governmental agencies
    6. (6)When providing to an outsourcee mandated with handling personal information within the scope necessary for achievement of the purpose of use
    7. (7)When providing to Unizo Holdings Company, Limited for joint use pursuant to item 2. below
    8. (8)For any other case where there is material and urgent necessity for the guest, the Company or a third party
  2. The Company will jointly use with a joint user stated in (i), for the purpose of use stated in (ii), the items stated in (iii) below. For such joint use, business operators stated in (iv) below assume responsibility for management of personal information.
    1. (i) Joint user
      UNIZO Holdings Company, Limited
    2. (ii) Purpose of use
      UNIZO Holdings Company, Limited uses the personal information of guests to verify its shareholder’s ledger and users of shareholder special benefit coupons, and confirm use of shareholder special benefit coupons, or confirm use of individual Hotel UNIZO or UNIZO Inn properties. Purpose of use of the personal information is stated above in "3. Purpose of Use of Personal Information"
    3. (iii) Items of personal data that will be used jointly
      Name and address of guests
    4. (iv) Business operator who assumes responsibility for management of personal information pertaining to joint use
      UNIZO Hotel Company, Limited

5. Management of Personal Information

  1. Personal information of guests is stored as records of provision of services.
  2. The Company instructs employees to manage personal information of guests thoroughly, and strives to strengthen security so as not to cause leaks to outside parties, or allow unauthorized access, loss, destruction, or alteration to occur.

6. Personal Information of Employment Applicants

Personal information of employment applicants is not used for purposes other than solicitation of employees and screening for recruiting, and notifications therein.

7. Disclosure, Correction, Deletion or Complaints about Personal Information

When a guest desires to disclose, correct or delete his/her own personal information, or when he/she has an inquiry, opinion or complaint about personal information, please contact the following inquiry desk:
UNIZO Hotel Company, Limited Tel: (+81) 3-3523-7651


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